Own the latest webinar solution and let your audience experience webinars like never before. New technology making it simple and easy to hold world-wide webinars. You'll love webinarBLAZE.

Live and Evergreen Webinar Software Solution

Be Like the Pros and Explode Your Business with Webinars

Every wonder why there are so many webinar services out there? It's because webinars help grow businesses... it's that simple.

No hidden fees. No upsells. All add-ons and future upgrades included, guaranteed.

We're building the LAST webinar solution you'll ever need!


Phase One

A complete list of features that are currently available is listed below. A video overview is also available. You're gonna love this.


Phase Two

Development is completed on the recording module. Over the next little while we'll be integrating and testing it for release.


Phase Three

The groundwork has been laid and development is underway. We are going to change the way people do webinars.

webinarBLAZE Software Demo

A Look Inside the Webinar Platform.

Taking webinars to the next level with webinarBLAZE.

Webinar-Powered Businesses Grow Faster

Stop Your Competitors From Stealing Your Sales.

Marketing Automation made simple using live and evergreen webinars.

Version One Features

Enjoy all these features today and watch your business grow.

  • HTML5 design (mobile compatible).
  • Desktop sharing, also known as screen sharing.
  • Free access for participants or assign a general password.
  • Webinar registration: participants create their own passwords.
  • File uploads, like PPT; basically any Office document.
  • Control if people can download files or not.
  • Full annotation on documents.
  • Multi-user annotation on documents.
  • Full white boarding.
  • Text chat and private chat.
  • Closed Captioning capability.
  • Video live streaming for presenter and visitors.
  • Easy hand-off to allow others to take control of the room.
  • Multi-language integration.
  • No limit to the number of webcams that can stream. You are only limited by bandwidth.
  • Polling - create polls to collect data.
  • Share YouTube Video - the webinar moderator controls the playing and stopping of the videos.
  • Webcam Enhancements - More flexibility to set quality and size of webcam as well as the position on the screen for the webcam. Also the ability for full screen webcam.
  • Collaborative Notetaking - The ability for all attendees to provide written input in a shared notepad and to be able to save the notes.
  • Room Splitting - This unique feature will allow the moderator to split the webinar into multiple rooms, assign people to different rooms and set a countdown timer when the rooms will close and everyone brought back to the main webinar auditorium.

Back Office Video Overview

A look inside the back office. Learn how to create, access and provide attendees access to your webinar room.

Our guarantee.

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$ 25 monthly
  • Awesome choice.
  • This is a monthly subscription for webinarBLAZE and renews each month until cancelled.
  • You get the current version and all future features as they are released.
  • Subscribe now for $25 monthly, regularly $59.
Subscribe Monthly


$ 275 annually
  • More Saving.
  • This is a yearly subscription for webinarBLAZE and it renews annually until cancelled.
  • You get the current version and all future features as they are released.
  • Subscribe now for $275 annually, regularly $497.
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