Virtual Business Card

Let's deliver the right solution for your business.

ACT NOW: Purchase the 1st Generation Talking Vcard at $97 and be Grandfathered to the 2nd Generation Talking Vcard, Avoiding the Price Increase To $127 When it Launches Very Soon. Check it All Out Below. 
Covid 19 has changed how people share their business cards. Virtual business cards can tell your story.

Covid-19 Advantage

People know that business must continue, in spite of Covid-19, but no one wants to exchange the traditional paper business card for fear of contracting the virus. That's why hundreds of customers have discovered the NEW way to showcase their businesses by using the Talking Virtual Digital business card. 

Modern Technologies

Keep your business moving forward with the digital business card that never gets tossed or lost.

Cash In and Save

Pay once, own it for life. No running out of cards, they're digital. Keep current with lifetime changes.

Talking Vcard

Own the 2nd Generation Virtual Card without Paying the 2nd Generation Price.

The World's Most Advanced Digital Business card

In simple terms it's a mini-website or like a simple personal portfolio page that we will host for you. With unlimited FREE changes your digital business card is always current up to date.


No more tossed and lost business cards. Clients easily save your info to their mobile phones.


No hand-to-hand sharing.  People simply scan your QR Code with their phone and your digital Vcard appears.


Add your picture, bio, video intro, links to social media, etc. Some things you can't do with a paper card.


Your Talking Business Card is hosted on our blazing fast cloud servers with unlimited customer impressions.

Featured 1st Generation Customers

Talking Vcard Components

Below is a Comparison List of our 1st and 2nd Generations Digital Vcard. Those Who Buy Today Get Immediate Access to the 1st Generation and Get Access to the 2nd Generation When it's Released (in a few weeks). See The Video Above (click here) For a Visual Comparison of Both Generations.

Talking Vcard Features1st Generation2nd Generation
Add Top Banner
Add Personal Picture/Logo
Add Name
Add Title
Add Video
Add Bio
Add Phone
Add Email
Add Website
Add Social Media Links
Lifetime Changes
Add Address
Add QR Code
Everything in the card is optional
Custom Templates
Custom Color for Branding
Built-in Recording Studio
Contact Form
Appointment Setting From
Built-in Gallery
Integrated PayPal
On-page SEO
Build it Yourself
Online Editor
Easily Add Unlimited Links
SMS and Whatsapp Integration
Sharing made simple: Whatsapp, Facebook, SMS, or Messenger with any of your contacts
Immediate Delivery

Talking Vcard

You get the 1st generation Talking Vcard today and access to the 2nd Generation when it's released in a few weeks (now in final development). No More Tossed and Lost Business Cards, the Vcard is Forever.

$ 97.00

Recurs Yearly

  • 1st Generation Owner - Regular Price is $97 Annually.
  • 2nd Generation Owner - Regular Price is $127 Annually.
  • Lifetime Changes
  • Includes New Upgrades
  • This Payment Recurs Annually.

Design and Delivery Process

Step 1


First, you need to purchase the Talking Business Card, also called the Talking Vcard (V is for virtual). From there it's easy peasy. Simply proceed to Step 2.

Step 2


After the purchase you'll be directed to a form where you can provide us the information we need. Just bookmark it or write it down until you are ready to submit the content.

Step 3


Once we have completed your Vcard (within 24 - 48 hours after we receive the form's content) we'll send it to you for approval and will work with you for any changes.

A Few Questions/Answers

It's the present-day business card solution for business people and entrepreneurs who want to maximize their message and present their BEST first impression! Designed specifically for mobile devices for more engagement from your target audience.

In uncertain times we often have to resort to "out of the box" thinking when it comes to business. When Covid 19 hit we thought our business was going to tank, but it didn't. In fact, it flourished because we gave people an advantage over the traditional paper business card. You too can take advantage of a bad situation and get your business noticed by using the Talking Vcard.

You get a state-of-the-art 1st Generation digital business card that includes all the business information you provide. You are also grandfathered to the 2nd Generation Vcard when it launches in a few weeks, see the video for comparison. 

You also get unlimited, lifetime changes to your digital business card at no additional cost. You own it for life and make changes whenever you want/need to.

Whatever price you pay upon initial purchase is the recurring annual cost and will never go up.

It is necessary to charge a recurring cost to ensure we are able to continue lifetime changes and to host and maintain your talking business card on our hyper-fast cloud servers. Oh, and because you will receive lifetime additions as well. Many new features are on the way in the 2nd Generation Vcard.

See the video either to the side of this message or below it (if you are on a mobile phone). The video clearly shows how we create your 1st Generation Vcard and how you will be able to use the online editor to build your own Vcard when we release the 2nd Generation application.

Like any great service if it never improves and if it fails to adapt to change then it gets left behind. Our 1st generation Vcard proved very successful in such a short period and so we began focusing on new features. We polled and and asked our current customers what they would like to see and the responses we received let us know that a 2nd Generation Vcard was going to be a bigger success than the 1st Generation. If you have not watched the video on this site then do so, it explains both generations and shows you the progress and how close we are to releasing the 2nd Generation Vcard. See the video to the right (if on a PC) or scroll down (on a mobile device).